The new ordering system already allows small and large customers to select and order products online. In the individual product sections it is possible to display the detail of each product with all technical and logistical information, such as list of variants and their corresponding prices.

By adding the selected products to the order, a list of products of interest starts to be generated and sent together with customer's contact details to the e-mails of the employees responsible for online orders, who begin processing the order.

Employees of online orders subsequently contact the customer to confirm the quantity, type of products and prices. The order becomes binding only after mutual confirmation of delivery dates and quantities, the price of transport and packaging is 5.60 eur. 

The current system is not yet a full-fledged e-shop version and does not allow direct online shopping. After completing the testing phase and evaluating customers' interest in online orders, Slovarm will consider upgrading the system to a full-fledged e-shop.

If you need help or advice, or to get more information about online orders, please contact the online orders department directly:

Ing. Katarína Zentková
+421 908 723 764