A modern manufacturing company with respect for its roots

We follow up on more than 80 years of tradition in the production of fittings, sanitary equipment and measurement technologies and combine it with modern production processes and technologies.

About The Company

SLOVARM is a member of the Slovak production and non-production companies united under Energy Group, a. s.

It was established in 2000 as the successor of Slovenská armatúrka Myjava and follows up on the more than 80-year tradition in production of fittings for compressed air, cold and hot water, steam and central heating systems.

After the merger with SLOVPLAST Myjava in 2020, SLOVARM expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of plastic and metal sanitary equipment and, after the merger with PREMATLAK in January 2024, it became a manufacturer of professional measurement technologies PREMATLAK.

Production programs

Brass, PPR and PEX THERM
Sanitary equipment & mixers
Measurement and regulatory technology

Advanced technologies and processes

SLOVARM focuses on the renewal, revitalization and modernization of competitive industrial productions.

Since its establishment, it has invested heavily in innovation, optimization of production processes and the purchase of modern technologies.

Our equipment enables us to offer both standard and customized production to customers from various industries.

Quality Management

SLOVARM is a holder of all relevant certificates in the field of business process management and declared product properties.

Extraordinary emphasis is placed on ensuring products do not pose a health risk or an environmental burden.

Slovarm Showroom

In 2022 SLOVARM opened a new showroom in it's business centre. On more than 300 m², we have tried to retell both the history and the present of SLOVARM.

The historical section traces the history of the Slovak Fittings Factory Myjava, the direct predecessor of SLOVARM. The exhibition includes original products, catalogues and hand-drawn models.

A new section is dedicated to the presentation of the current SLOVARM product portfolio.

Board of Directors

Radovan Pobočík
Chairman of the Board
Ing. Štefan Vystavel
Member of the Board
Ing. Martin Jelínek
Member of the Board

Company Management

Radovan Pobočík
Ing. Viera Čuvalová Janigová
Sales Director
Ing. Martin Jelínek
Peter Greň

Markets & Customers

SLOVARM cooperates with more than 100 contractual business partners in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and 30 cooperation partners. We export our products to 24 countries around the world to customers from various industries.
SLOVARM holds a long-term stable position on the markets in Central and Eastern Europe, where it is also present through its two subsidiaries SLOVARM D.O.O., based in Serbia, and SLOVARM BEL, based in Belarus.

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We Support

SLOVARM Allocates 2% of its 2022 Tax
SLOVARM employees contributed 2% of their 2022 taxes to assist their colleagues and coworkers. Combined with contributions from its parent company, the Energy Group, the total sum allocated for employee assistance reached €4,464.
SLOVARM and BP Myjava Continue Support for Myjava-Based Non-Profits in 2023
On December 8, 2023, financial donations were provided to non-profit organizations by SLOVARM and Bytový podnik Myjava in the presentation area of the business center and historical museum of SLOVARM.