In particular, the audit was focused on fittings, plastics and PPR production areas, the technical section, dispatching warehouse, and the purchasing and dispatching departments. Great emphasis was placed on occupational health and safety (OHS), fire and civil protection, and, of course, environmental protection.

In the production areas, the auditors were accompanied by Peter Greň, Production-Technical Director and Designated Quality Commissioner, and Anna Ušiaková, Head of Quality Management. The OHS and Human Resources (HR) management areas were covered by the auditors together with HR Officer Lenka Čajková, the Technical Department was represented by Miroslav Holič, Head of Technical Section, and Martin Čechmánek, Chief Plastics Technologist, the Sales and Purchasing department by Ing. Viera Čuvalová-Janigová, Sales Director, and the Planning Department by Ing. Monika Pobočíková, Controlling and Planning Specialist.

In addition to adherence to standard OHS policies, first aid kits were checked. We have made a new layout of their placement, which is posted on notice boards along with a list of responsible and trained first aid personnel. 

The auditors carried out an in-depth audit of the development, production and sale of plastic products and small fittings for the distribution and regulation of water, steam and heating systems, sanitary fittings, forgings, die castings and metalworking, and the development and production of the PP-R system for water distribution.

Concerning the environment, we presented a concept of waste sorting in production, which has been extended to non-production areas and offices. The aim is to minimise mixed municipal waste.

The auditors praised the progress that Slovarm has reached by the introduction of the SAP system and related process changes, which are continually updated. They also praised future plans such as the managed warehouse project and the planned investments in photovoltaics. They were also interested in the renewal of the machinery, for example the new Adige saw and the new Emco CNC machine. The planned conversion of the machines and the purchase of a new injection moulding machine for plastics were also presented.

The obtained and defended certificates give a signal to our business partners that Slovarm is a modern and forward-looking company capable of progressing in every area and producing quality and competitive products in the engineering, construction, electrotechnical, consumer and automotive industry.