Vypúšťací ventil DUAL, pre P-2466, ABS
Vypúšťací ventil DUAL, pre P-2466, ABS

Discharge valve DUAL, to P-2466, ABS


Serial Nr.: 620965

Valve used to discharge water from WC flush tanks.

  Serial Nr. DMOC
620965 12.00 €

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Technical Parameters

Flushing principle Pákové
Flushing system Dvojpolohové

Logistic information

Amount (pcs/box) 20
Amount (pallet) 500
Amount (pcs/pallet) 25
Dimensions (pack,box, pcs) 200 x 350
Dimensions (package) 420 x 350 x 280
Weight (piece) kg 0,1929
Weight (package) kg 3,86
Weight (pallet) kg 96,45

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