SLOVARM, a member of Energy Group

SLOVARM, a member of Energy GroupSlovarm is a key producer of house and residential fittings, as well as the components for the distributions of air, cold and warm water, steam and central heating in Central and Eastern Europe.

Slovarm as a continuator of Slovenská armatúrka Myjava by its production has followed up the tradition of machine production in Myjava, which is already 75 years old.

The strength of Slovarm company is long-term experience of professional employees and skills of production staff in this specific area of production in connection with the unique technologies for the production and processing of brass into a final product for end customers.

At present Slovarm occupies an important position in the market, which is proved by more than 100 contractual business partners in the Slovak Republic (SR) and the Czech Republic (CR), 30 cooperating partners and export to 24 countries of the world.
Our clients include such brands as Gienger, Wosley, PIPE LIFE, Wavin, VAG Group, NIBE ....
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