1. Induction furnaces, 2000 kg capacity each, for brass melting: machining chips from our own production lines, purchased scrap brass, copper and zinc machining chips from our own production lines, purchased scrap brass, copper and zinc 2. SPECTROMAX for elemental analysis of brass material: The brass is analysed when molten to ensure the highest quality of the output intended for further processing. 3. DELTA OLYMPUS for speed spectral analysis of metal by a handheld spectrometer 4. Induction furnaces for continuous melting and casting of rods to be forged: Processing of rods with a diameter range between 15 and 50 mm. 5. WAGNER KLMN2 rotation saw for cutting the brass rods into a variety of bars: with a diameter range from 7 to 70 mm 6. Brass die casting 7. Casting of brass into 8- to 10-kg blocks

Hot Brass Forging

1. Mecolpress SEO36 Eccentric forging press with accessories – continuous induction heating of bars and automatic loading/unloading robot. 2. HATEBUR Hotmatic AMP20 Processing of brass rods with a diameter range from 15 to 20 mm, continuous bar heating


1. WAGON module with UR5 collaborative robotic arm Single-purpose machining robot with a parts conveyor for forgings 2. GNUTTI with ABB robot Transfer machine with various length extensions for forgings 3. EMCO HYPERTURN 45Y BIGBORE CNC Machining Center for complex shapes and difficult parts 4. MAIER MLK-32 C-HYBRID Hybrid multi-spindle sliding headstock lathe for forgings 5. MAIER MLK – 36 HYBRID Swiss Turn CNC lathe with a parts conveyor for forgings 6. TRZ – RTFM 12-140 transfer machine Machining of castings and forgings with maximum size processing up to 2". 7. AUTOMATIC TRANSFERS Single spindle automatic transfers 8. VZB6, GNUTTI, BOLTRIVET Single spindle automatic transfers 9. SHÜTTE, AN6-25/40A, SAY Various single-purpose machines 10. Manuhrin K’MX 532 Single spindle sliding headstock lathe 11. LEADWELL T-7 CNC Machining Center 12. PINNACLE PK-L150A CNC Machining Center 13. LEADWELL T-8 SM CNC Machining Center

Surface Treatment and Finishing

1. SUMMA KOMBI 1200/OS Barrel-type degreasing machine:
• degreasing, rinsing, drying 2. SCHLICK MB 200 Barrel-type shot blast machine: 
• blasting the surface of forgings and castings with AKV crumb 3. ATF CNC barrel-type nickel plating line: 
• max. capacity - 40 kg 
• max. weight of one part 0.3 kg 4. Other Technology KRAINTEK ultrasonic barrel-type cleaning machine


1. Assembling • Automatic and semi-automatic machines 
• Manual assembly lines 2. TESTING • 1,6 MPa high-pressure water-injection testing
• 0,6 MPa pneumatic pressure testing 
• Adjustable testing tools 3. PACKING • Standard packing or custom packing, labels with description and bar code on demand


1. DESIGNING • Designing of production molds and tools
• CAD, SOLIDEDGE 2. MCV 500/MCV QICK • CNC vertical machining center
• Workbench 800 x 500 mm 3. TOOLS • die casting mold inserts, single-purpose machine clamps, dies, cores, ejectors 4. EDM machine • ARD CNC M50 5. 3D WERTH ScopeCheck S • CNC coordinate measuring machine for economical production control

Manufacture of Plastic Components

1. Manufacture of thermoplastic and elastomer components PP, PS, PE, PA 6, PA 6.6, POM, PC, ABS, SAN,PC/ABS, PBT, TPE, PMMA, PUR, SEBS 2. Surface Treatment Surface finish of plastic parts, decorative chrome plating, tampoprint 3. Welding Ultrasonic, heat welding of plastic parts 4. Maintenance and repairs Maintenance and repairs of injection tools and moulds 5. Assembling Installation of plastic products 6. Counseling services Design and production of moulds for plastics 7. Laboratory Services Laboratory services in the field of plastics processing, measurement of ITT, water content, glass content in granulate and evaluation of plastics in strength parameters 8. Machinery: ENGEL AUSTRIA injection machines for thermoplastics.
Machines with closing force:
1 pc- 350 kN
2 pc- 500 kN
4 pc- 800 kN
1 pc- 1000 kN
5 pc- 1100 kN
1 pc- 1500 kN + Manipulator
4 pc- 2000 kN + + 1 pc Manipulator
1 pc- 2600 kN + Manipulator
1 pc- 3000 kN + Manipulator
2 pc- 3500 kN
3 pc- 4000 kN + + 1 pc Manipulator
Injection of moulded products up to 1700 g

Control system of injection moulding machines
CC90, CC100, CC200, CC300

For low-cost thermoplastic products, we use older machines with a closing force of up to 8000 kN and a moulded piece weight of up to 3000 g.


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