From an ISO perspective, there has been a major change in the modification of the Organizational Directives and Procedures due to the change in processes due to the SAP deployment.

In particular, the production areas in the premises of SLM A and SLM B, the technical department and the dispatch warehouse were audited. Great emphasis was placed on safety, we successfully defended this certificate and received comments for improvement in the area of the first aid kit and the record of H&S training at master level.

In the production area, the auditors were accompanied by Milan Krcho and Peter Greň, Lenka Čajková discussed safety and HR with the auditors, and Miroslav Holič represented the technical department.

The auditors appreciated the progress achieved by SLOVARM, especially in the area of process changes and SAP, and highlighted the new workplace for the production of safety valves. They also appreciated the forward-looking plans, which include the controlled warehouse project or considerations on the use of photovoltaics.

The obtained and defended certificates give a signal to our business partners that SLOVARM is a modern company with good prospects.