Siphons for bath and shower

T-1437C DN50

Bathtub "U" siphon with stainless steel grids

T-1438C DN50/DN40

Bathtub siphon with stainless steel grids

T-1438A-III DN50/DN40

Automatic bathtub siphon with stainless steel grids, chrome

T-1438K-III DN50/DN40

Bathtub siphon CLICK-CLACK with metal covers, chrome

T-1438/I DN50/DN40

Odour stoping plug

P-1440P-50/60 DN40

Shower siphon Ø50/60 mm, plastic covers, chrome

P-1440K-50/60 DN40

Shower siphon CLICK-CLACK for Ø50/60 mm flanges, chrome

P-1440P-90 DN40

Shower siphon for Ø90 mm flanges, plastic cover, chrome

T-1440CH DN50/DN40

Shower siphon for Ø50/60 mm flanges, stainless steel grid


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