First, the students visited the showroom and the historical museum of Slovenská armatúrka Myjava, where they got acquainted with the history of production and the product portfolio of Slovarm. The clearly arranged showroom is divided into individual sections containing functional product samples. The students had the opportunity to see the entire production process. They saw what the whole process of fittings production looks like. They gradually went through the foundry, machining of products, fittings surface treatment, PPR pipe production, pressing shop and the product assembly site.

This was followed by certification training where the students became more familiar with the products, their function, benefits and quality. They were also introduced to new products, such as a wall-mounted toilet delivered complete with a button and a seat, a new safety valve, the new PERT II-EVOH-PERT II pipe, the EH series of water taps in a black finish, the Royal soft-closing toilet seat, as well as a new garden product range compatible with Gardena products. At the end the students received a certificate and a keepsake.

Slovarm has been cooperating with secondary schools for many years in the form of training, excursions, practical classes, and has been providing them with non-financial gifts – its products from the fittings and sanitary ranges, tools and other material for classes worth approximately 1,000 euros per school. The company plans to extend the cooperation with Slovarm presentation panels in the future.

Cooperation with secondary schools is very important because students see actual production, broaden their professional knowledge, gain new practical knowledge and can work and train directly with Slovarm’s quality products.