Record participation at the doors open day 2019

23. 7. 2019

This year’s Doors Open Day (DOD) at Slovarm and Slovplast was attended by a record 750 visitors.

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Presentation days

30. 4. 2019

It is of great importance to the company of Slovarm to take part in professional presentation events and seminars attended by construction specialists from the sphere of water management. The possibility to share our experience vis-à-vis to other specialists in the field can also trigger new business opportunities in future.

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Aquatherm Nitra 2019

1. 3. 2019

This year the companies of Slovarm, Slovplast and Prematlak once again shared the common exhibition space at the biggest trade fair for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, measurement, regulation, sanitary and environmental technology in Slovakia and Czech Republic – Aquatherm Nitra.

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25 years of Energy Group

7. 1. 2019

Towards the end of 2018 the Energy Group, together with the employees, celebrated 25 years of its existence. At the anniversary Gala Night in Hotel sv. Ludmila there were things to remember and things to thank for, awards to be appointed and people to meet, or even to dance with.

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80th anniversary of Slovenská Armatúrka Myjava – the tradition continues

27. 1. 2018

Slovenská Armatúrka Myjava would now celebrate the 80th anniversary of its establishment. With industrial production arriving in Myjava, first as Tauš and later as Slovenská Armatúrka Myjava, a mutually advantageous symbiosis between one town and one factory started to develop.

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The Day of opened doors for all employees and their families

5. 12. 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016 was in the companies SLOVARM a.s. and SAM HOLDING a.s. other than normal working days. Since morning the preparations took place in order to open the doors of these two companies exactly at 13:00 and to welcome in their spaces its esteemed employees with families.

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NGOs Supported

7. 1. 2019

Continuity is an essential aspect of support. This is why the Energy Group, together with its member companies of SLOVARM, SLOVPLAST and Bytový podnik Myjava (Myjava Housing Company), supports financially the non-governmental organizations in Myjava region on regular basis.

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EG Offered Financial Aid to 25 Employees

7. 1. 2019

Celebrating its 25th anniversary of the Energy Group, the management of the group, together with the affiliate partner companies, decided to offer financial aid to 25 employees who found themselves in the situation of need.

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The companies in the group Energy Group, namely SLOVARM, a.s. and Bytový podnik Myjava, s.r.o. , operating in Myjava region, are important employers in the town Myjava

15. 1. 2017

and at the same time each year they devoted to the promotion of non-profit organizations, sporting, educational and cultural activities.

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On September 17th , 2016 the company Slovarm, a.s. sponsored the ninth round of Slovak major football league

7. 11. 2016

where Spartak Myjava welcomed on his domestic lawn the team AS Trenčín.

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Sports Day of company SLOVARM , a.s.

23. 6. 2015

Every year we organize for our employees and their family members in production areas of SLOVARM , a.s. "Open Day". In 2015 the company management decided to make a change and to organize an event for employees 'Sports day of company SLOVARM ".

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Also in the year 2015

21. 6. 2015

company Slovarm decided to financially support cultural events in town Myjava and became one of the sponsors of 56th International Folklore Festival.

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